Sunday, February 24, 2013


For many years now I have belonged to an online group dedicated to Crazy Quilting. The members are mainly from Austrtalia and New Zealand. We get to know each other quite well, even though we live far apart. About 8 1/2 years, we had a big Retreat in Canberra with about 70 members attending, most meeting each other for the first time. A year or two later there was another Retreat in Nowra, although I did not get to attend that one.
There were some rumblings about having another get-together, and I dropped broad hints about Norfolk Island being thr ideal spot for a Trans Tasman get-together, After months of planning, it has now happened. There were only five of us, but we have had enormous fun!
Here we are on our front lawn. From left to right you have Alison, from Ayr in Queensland, Faye (from near Coff's Harbour in N.S.W., me, Arlene from Townsville, and Joy from Napier in NZ.

The night when most arrived, we had a get-together meal, including husbands of course.
The next day we gathered round the same table for the more "serious" business of stitching. Husbands were set free to amuse themselves as they wished, although they called in for a sandwich at lunchtime.
Now this is a typical Crazy's table - loads of sewing bits and pieces, and the very necessary coffee to sustain us!
Ouyr first project was this very beautiful stumpwork beetle, with Arlene as our very patient and encouraging teacher.
It took enormous concentration.....

But there were plenty of laughs too!

Arlene took time off to check in with things back home....
There was lots of show and tell...
Here is my finished beetle. I called it a Cockroach in drag - or "bling"! I cannot believe I actually managed to finish anything so fiddly, but I was really pleased with myself. Arlene was a great teacher.
Faye showed us how to make a beaded cabochon. I had less success with this, because it involved counting and I kept getting lost. So I called it quits, and promised to bury my mistakes in lace and ribbon.

My daughter in law Kim came up and suggested we all needed a white wine.

But then she suggested a Vodka and lime cocktail - which was just wonderful Thanks so much Kim!!
I think Joy was really feeling it was all "naughty but nice!"

On the fourth day we had a chicken scratch, which was great fun. This is where you dive into a pile of fabrics etc and snip off bits to take home. I am sorry I did not get pictures of that, but Faye posted some on the Southerncrosscrazies website. We also went on a shopping expedition, and found all sorts of goodies in the local shops for our hobby!
Joy returned to Kiwi this morning. Arlene and Michael, and Alison and Terry head back to Queensland on Tuesday, and Faye and Ray are going to relax here for another week.
It has all been really great, and we have had lots of laughs, swapped lots of ideas and stories, and alll agree we just love the Internet, which has brought us together!!!


crazyQstitcher said...

I can't believe the retreat is almost over when I hadn't even realized it had Begun.

Everyone looks so happy and it's obvious there was plenty to keep you all out of mischief.

Arlene's beetle is glorious and your own, Mary, is Fabulous. It's hard to believe it's your first try at beetle making.

I wish the men better luck with the fishing than Graeme had but even without fish, our holiday with you was just the very best we could have wished for.

Enjoy the rest of your visit Alison, Arlene and Faye.


Linda Steele said...

It looks as if you had a wonderful time. Thanks for telling us all about it.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so marvellous, I'm so glad you all had such a great time.

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