Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a most womderful gift of rain this Christmas. Several inches, in fact. Everyone on Norfolk gave thanks!!
We had several friends and family around for a big buffett on Boxing Day, and afterwards, the skies cleared a little. The children were in high spirits, and the mud and puddles looked so enticing. How could we say NO??

 Nate and Jasper looked like a couple of woodland elves - or are they water nymphs?

 While we are unfettered by clothing, how about riding the bike?

 Let's get rid of these wet things!
 Now we will go inside - they are ready for Round 2 of Present unwrapping!
 This is the life!
 The older kids had been enjoying the puddles too, but were feeling a little more inhibited, and wrapped towels around themselves once inside.

 But once they began to enjoy their gifts, the wrappings slipped away.
 3D glasses are all I need to wear.
 Actually, getting about like this is fun!! But I am unaware of the fact that this picture will be trotted out at my 21st!

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Anonymous said...

Lol, I had the same thought only we pull out the embarassing photos for weddings.

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