Friday, September 09, 2011


We are so fortunate to live right  next to ur grandsons, William and Nathaniel, usually known as Liam and Nate. Actually Nate is more often called "Chubba" nowadays, and I suspect that nickname will stick!
Last Saturday we minded the boys for a few hours while their Mum had her hair done and packed for their trip to NZ the next day. We decided to turn our bedroom into a playroom for the afternoon, and they both had great fun with the wooden and the Lego blocks.

 Nate thinks his big brother is just wonderful, and loves to join in with him.
 It is a bit frustrating for Liam when all his constructions come tumbling to the ground when his brothewr helps, but he is very good-natured about it.
 Nate has a wonderful sense of humour and also has a very good nature.
 He entertains himself so well, and has the natural curiosity of a one year old.
 Liam also has a great sense of fun...
 But he has some serious and thoughtful moments too!
 The time really goes quickly when we mind the boys - they are so easy to get along with.
This week their Nanny and Poppy in New Zealand are enjoying their company in the flesh - but I am sure they will enjoy these pictures too.

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