Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It was time for Tina's annual Hgh Tea, and I offered Devon as a venue, as my sister Sally would be here (she is Tina's mum.)
Kim got busy early in the morning with the decorating. She had a great inspiration to use all the old copper pots, which got a long overdue polish up for the occasion.

 Out came the lace tablecloths (of which I have far too many), and  I arranged Phillip Island Hibisus and Nandina around the pots.
 The frosted fruits came out for an airing....
 Even the barbecue was decorated.
 Had to put a few of my felt apples out on display.
 Out came the pretty china
 And also a fresh lime-ade - but the girls mostly preferred to let their hair down with the bubbly!

 Everyone brought something, and the food was quite incredible!

 A few babysitting arrangements had fallen through, so we had babies and kids joining in the fun. They had a real ball, and were so well-behaved.

 This is Nate's technique for carrying his food about while he is crawling!
 Oops! Someone forgot to put the blower away.

 The kids took their food and drink to their picnic blanket.

 The tea trolley held a few little gifts.
 The children gravitated to the woodland, where they devised some wonderful make-believe games.
 Here, Liam is fanning the king and queen!
 The invitation had said 2 - 5, but it was such a beautiful afternoon that no one wanted to go home, even when it started to get just a little chilly.
 So out came Tina's collection of shawls and wraps, mostly knitted by her Mum.

 It was a lovely memorable occasion.
And by the way, it was Tina's birthday. And we also celebrated the special days of the other September girls - Sally and Sienna.


Anonymous said...

Love Liams hair cut you did a great job he looks a real little boy now - the photo of Nate with the blower looks just like Charles. They are great kids and we are very lucky grandparents. Thanks for all the photos

Karen M

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mary a day to remember for sure, just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mary a day to remember for sure, just lovely.

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