Friday, April 15, 2011


I think I may have mentioned that I have quite a large collection of crocheted doileys. Many I have rescued from Op shops, garage sales and secondhand stores. Others I have been given. Some came down to Bernie from his great-aunts, who were wonderful needleworkers.
Among these doilleys are some that were made for a special purpose, such as these little jug and sugar bowl
covers, with an edge that has been weighted with beads, and a little stand-up cup or pot in the middle.


While I was doing some cleaning and sorting the other day, I had an unexpected bonus. I was going through a big stripey bag of containers. I tend to collect containers....Pretty little boxes and tins that I thought would be useful for holding stuff - except that the quantity of containers was starting to outgrow the amout of stuff I could put into them or the shelf space to hold them!! Lately I have been regularly tripping over this stripey bag in my sewing room, and a ruthless culling was called for!
I actually got to the very bottom of the stripey bag, when I felt a little plastic bag in the bottom corner. I felt its contents and was puzzled. When I opened it, there was this dear little doiley cover, with a crocheted cup and saucer.
 Now I actually remember buying this. It was about 11 years ago in a little Craft/gift shop in Napier in New Zealand. When I got home to Norfolk Island, I realised I did not have it, and thought I must have mistakenly thrown the bag into the rubbish, or perhaps left it in the hotel room. I was delighted after all this time to find I had it after all!
 This lovely little one above was among the great-aunts' things. It is really quite exquisite.
 And this one was given to me by a friend a few years ago.
Who knows what else I will come across while I am dealing with this Autumn spring cleaning bug!


Anonymous said...

Very cute, I've never seen them like that, the tea pots are precious.

Elizabeth said...

I started collecting these lovely jug covers some years ago. I have one my grandmother made using mosquito netting and shells - very pecious. If my belongings ever make it to Norfolk Island I would love to show you those I have..

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