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Last Wednesday was the day for Rotary's Annual Bus Trip round the island. Now Norfolk Island is not very big - only 5 kms by 8 - and you would think everyone had seen everything there was to see. But each year we come up with something different!
Our first stop was at Dave's Market Gardens in Mission Road. Most of us had always wondered what was "behind the hedges" at the Souths, who have been supplying the island with things like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber and other fresh veges for many many years.

 Dave was keen to show us his recently established pineapple plantation.
Starting with just a handful of suckers that he obtained from friends and neighbours, Dave and Bronwen have established a very healthy plantation which, in a year or two, will mean we have lovely pineapples available to us for much of the year!
 In the background, you can just see the massive bank of solar panels which provide power for running the farm.
 Tomatoes have been a little scarce lately, and these ones looked so mouth watering!
 Everyone is really starting to enjoy themself!
 Back on the road, for a mini-tour. Bernie is our tour guide for the afternoon.
 We stop at the Chapel, where Tim and Aubrey are busy sanding back the timber round the beautiful William Morris Rose Window, in preparation for re-painting.
 Bernie, with tongue in cheek, tells us that we have been singing so well on the bus that we will stop there and have a short service!!!
 We never get tired of the lovely Norfolk Island scenery.
 We drive through the old penal settlement area along the seafront at Kingston...

 And along Quality Row....
 Finally, at 3 o'clock. when we know that school is out, we arrive at the school library and technology centre. Everyone comments on how much the school has grown and changed since they were kids. The grounds are just beautiful.
 A bank of chairs has been set up for us in the school library

 Headmaster Neil welcomes us, and is keen to show us some of the new technology. This is the computer that was donateded by Rotary for Norfolk Island's Living Library, a project that was commenced in the last couple of years.
 Librarian Trish explains the workings of the Living Library, using the Interactive Smartboard. There is definitely no talking in class here - we are all fascinated, gobsmacked, in fact!
 It doesn't matter where you are, you can access most of the content of the Living Library at

 You can almost see the heads shaking in amazement as we leave. Many people say they have valuable historic material at home that they would love to make available to be recorded on the site. This was a real win-win occasion!
 Finally we head out to Rainbow's End for afternoon tea in one of the Endeavour Lodge units. The weather has been warm and mild, and the view is stunning. In fact, many long time residents say they have actually never seen this particular view before!!

 I wonder what new places we will visit next year?
In this picture, in the second back seat on the left, you can just pick out Tony, who brought his ukelele along,. and kept us entertained with a sing-a-long all afternoon. This really added to the great spirit and camaraderie of the occasion. Norfolkers really know how to have fun!

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