Saturday, February 19, 2011


Our Tuesday Craft Group must have been going for more then 17 years. Well, for the first year or two I recall it was a Thursday morning, but for absolutely yonks, Tuesday afternoons have been a sacred appointment in our diaries for a gentle time of stitching, chatting, and a bit of peace from the normal household routine. There are usually about 10 of us, and people come and go. I think only Shirley, Andrea and myself go right back to the start, although Agnes was there early in the piece. she came back to the group a year or two ago after a few years' break.
We are all starting to get on a bit, but Joy (pictured here) would probably be our "grandma". Joy is also the most productive of us, with by far the greatest output! She makes wonderful colourful quilts - big ones!! - and we are really in awe of her level of productivity.
Here Joy is working on beautiful bedrunners for her granddaughter's tourist apartments.

Lorraine is also a very productive lady. She has recently returned to live on Norfolk Island with her Norfolk Islander husband, and we are so glad to have her here as a very inspiring member of our group. Lorraine recently had a spell of working in blues, and is busily quilting a table runner.

Annette, in the foreground, is an extremely resourceful craftswoman, and can turn her hand to all sorts of things. Her current project is a baby's jacket knitted from a very old, but practical pattern.

We sit around a long table in the SDA Hall. Sometimes when we have extra visitors, we need to draw up another table. We have a strict rule that if you come along and just don't feel like working at anything, then you are allowed to sit and do nothing - just enjoy the company and conversation!
One of Shirley's favourite crafts is longstitch. When asked what she will do with it, she usually says it will go in the cupboard with all tyhe others! One of these days, Shirley..... Meanwhile, it is the process, and the opportunity to gather with others in this relaxed way that is most important.
Margaret is staying on the island for about three months, while her husband is the Church of England Chaplain. She says the group is a wonderful way for her to get out and meet new people. Margaret is working on some fine cross stitch.

Last week I was working on some of my cards. I took along a heap of pressed flowers to arrange on silk paper backgrounds.

Val is a regular visitor from Australia, and joins us when ever she is here on holiday (she has been to Norfolk Island 34 times!) Val is a very versatile craftsperson. This time she is doing some "redwork" (in green!)

 Andrea's favourite activity is rice paper decoupage - in fact it has been her only activity for years. But she really enjoys the regular outing and the company.
 Here are some closer shots of Joy's bedrunners. Joy has a most wonderful gift with colour harmony!

 And here is one of Joy's larger quilts, this one with a poinsettia theme. She has been working on the binding, and we all admire the finished product!!
 Almost every one of Joy's quilts (and she has made dozens)  use the "Drunkard's Path" block. Joy uses it because they give her quilts a more flowing and organic look. Every quilt is completely individual, with the use of different fabrics and colours and different arrangements of the blocks.
I just love this group, and it would have to be a pretty important commitment for me to let something take its place on Tuesday afternoons!

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Karen said...

I belong to a craft group as well run out of our church. I have to admit that I'm not a morning person so I tend to miss more than I go. I also find once I'm there it's really hard to concentrate on getting anything done rather than chatting but it is nice to get together and see what everyone is working on.

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