Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Our grandaughters Sarah and Emily were here for five wonderful weeks over the Christmas holidays. Their Mum, our daughter Miriam, came for two of those weeks. It is so good when Devon is full of happy chatter and activity!
 Mind you, they are out and about much of the time, just enjoying the freedom and beauty of Norfolk Island.
 Most mornings, they got some early morning exercise on the Flagstaff Hill walk(climb!). Ruby usually joined them, but as her legs are so small, she was carried for part of the way.
 But the view from the top was well worth it.
 Ruby had no trouble trotting along between the girls when they walked along the Slaughter Bay wall.
 Miriam's friend Lambie, and cousin Anna joined them on a picnic to Crystal Pool. Anna's Dad and Peter joined them too.
     That water looks so refreshing.

 I think it took them ages to get this great shot!
 Ruby enjoyed trips to Cemetery Beach with the girls.
 And Emily Bay....

 She loved to join in the fun...
 Especially the digging....
 Norfolk Island has plenty of lovely rockpools to enjoy.
 Now Sarah is 16, she is able to drive, and make the most of their days. It certainly frees us up from the job of being Granny and Grandad-on-wheels!
 Sarah and friend Ashley sometimes took the horses out. Here Ruby joins them for her very first horseride!

 There were many hours spent at the beach, enjoying our perfect summer weather.
 The Emily Bay Raft is a great gathering place for the young people.
 A trip to a local cafe.
 We got together with cousin Tina and family on this occasion.
 I think the girls tried out all the swimming spots, some of which needed a climb down the cliff.

They were usually glad to get to bed at nights. Once again, our upstairs area became a somewhat upmarket "camping site"
 And Ruby usually joioned them there!
 Back at Devon, hosing off the sand on the front lawn.

 Jumping off the Kingston Pier.
 I love this picture of Sarah.

 Footsteps in the sand at the bottom of Anson Bay.
 The girls were sad when the day came to go home to New Zealand.
Ashley, Anna, Gracie and Uncle John were all there to see them off.
 As Grandad says, the sooner you leave, the sooner you come back......

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Karen said...

Marvellous what a wonderful time for them. They will have such fond memories of their time with you on the island.

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