Thursday, January 27, 2011


You may have heard of the famous Werable Art Show that is held in Wellington, New Zealand each year. For six years, now, Norfolk Island has been holding its own Wearable Art Parade, sponsored by our very active Community Arts Society. And it gets better each year!! We make a point of getting there before the doors open, because there is usually "standing room only" well before the show commences.
I found a seat that I thought would be good for photographs, but I had the lights glaring at me, as you can see in the above shots. So my pictures will have to be "arty!"
I swapped places with Emily and Sarah, and it was a little better. But I know just which seat I will claim next year!!
Actually I did not see anyone else photographing models on the catwalk, so my pictures may be the only ones you will see!!

From the recycled section - with an ocean theme.

Millie models a "Bulls-Eye" outfit - her family are into Archery!!

Georgie is one of our keenest and most creative entrants each year. This stunning outfit is fashioned from 2500 Stubbie caps from the R.S.L. club, on a wire base.  The only new materials are the red and white spray paints!

Recycled plastic!

A coffe theme, with disposable cups lined with paper doileys

And this one, designed and made by Emma, is made from thousands of bread tags! The garment is fashioned to represent our popular local trumpeter fish.

A number of little ones took part. Here Mirabelle, Sienna and Teddy model the theme "Mum told me to clean up the Toy Room."

Donna entered the "Bizarre Bra" section. She said that her creation was a result of diving to the bottom of her craft basket and staying there for quite a while!

Origami paper cranes embellish this garment!

A beautiful jellyfish....

...accompanied by a lovely seascape!

Scallop shells, with Vicki and daughter Imogen.

Emma took to the catwalk in pheasants' feathers
This garment was named "The Barking Bride". It has been fashioned from Paperbark and wood shavings.
The garment above, and the two that follow, are a trio designed by Wayne, and modelled by his sister and two nieces. They feature Pandanus and plaited Tapa cloth.

I think you will agree they are quite stunning!

Here below is a slightly risque one made (by Lou)from "adult balloons"

Wayne and Georgie were judged real winners, and as designers, they won the chance to go to the big WOW festival in Wellington later in the year.

It was a wonderful evening. The atmosphere was almost electric. It showed off the best of the "Give it a Go" spirit of Norfolkers, and demonstrated just a little of the wonderful creative talent of this island!


Karen said...

Wonderful Mary simply wonderful. What creative designers and the models looked fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I think they should enter the Wareable Arts in Wellington they are just as good as the designers over here.

Karen M

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