Thursday, January 13, 2011


Our friends Peter and Jenni live on the South Coast of New South Wales. They have always been great travellers. In fact it was love of travel that brought them together more than twenty years ago.

However, that was before they discovered Norfolk Island, and fell in love with the place and the people. In fact, they felt so much a part of Norfolk Island that they purchased their own little piece of it, and built their own little cottage here. I might add that this picture of the cottage was taken a year or two ago, and since then the plantings made by Jenni and Peter have grown beautifully to frame and enhance this very pretty little house.

It is still just a holiday home for them, but they make sure that these holidays happen as often as possible. Jenni and Peter have made many friends on the island, and we are glad to be counted among them!
Earlier last year, Peter and Jenni asked if I would make them two Christmas stockings - one for them, and one for Abby the cat. Sadly, Abby passed away during the year, but when November rolled around, I made a start on the special stocking for the Coopers. Actually, Christmas stockings are my very favourite thing to make - you can really "go to town and over the top" with colour and embellishment!
I decided to use very traditional Christmas colours, as they had no particular colour preferences.

 But they did want a "Norfolk Pine Christmas Tree" and I planned to make one using a couched yarn in variegated greens.
I wasn't sure that it really looked like a Norfolk Pine, but I found some little charms featuring Norfolk Island, and affixed them to the tree along with beads and other glitzy bits. There a little model of the St Barnabas' Chapel,  Norfolk Pine Trees, and a map of Norfolk Island.

Now when Jenni and Peter put up their Christmas decorations at home in Australia, they can always be reminded of their home and friends on Norfolk Island!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous stocking you did such a great job on it Mary.

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