Thursday, April 15, 2010

I once again need to apologise for infrequent postings. I seem to have been  trying to meet a number of deadlines lately. I am getting too old for that sort of stress!!
But I have been working on a few creative projects, and some of these have had to meet deadlines, so it is not all negative.
This is the first page I have done for our 2010 Round Robin. This one will end up back with me, because it is done for my "Time" theme. It is called  "Time and Place." I got hold of an old atlas that I was able to deconstruct for this piece. It also gave me the opportunity to use some old watch parts that I have been hoarding for years. I wonder if I can persuade friends to part with some defunct old analog watches to get some more little cogs and such - or would they have become valuable antiques??

This is one of the Artist Trading cards that I made for each of the girls participating in the group.

Meanwhile, here is the page that I made for Amelia in New Zealand. Amelia chose as her theme "Korus and Curls." I started thinking about all sorts of curls that occur in nature and in everyday things, but settled on the curl of a wave - the sort that surfers love.
I used silk fusion to create this piece, with some beading. The hardest part was choosing the right background. I eventually settled on this piece of really dark blue shot silk.
Finally, here is another Artist Trading Card (ATC) that I made for a little competition organised by Maria in Tasmania for members of the online Crazyquiltingfriends group.
Maria was able to get Ken Smith, a well-known textile artist, to help her judge this mini-competition, and believe it or not, they chose me as the winner!
The picture, unfortunately, is not really clear, but it also has been done with a silk fibre background and beading, embroidery and tatting. The jellyfish is an old glass button, with various threads and fibres trailing from it.

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Karen said...

These just call out to me Mary. I think it's the colours and the theme. I have a room down in the basement that is sea themed.

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