Monday, April 05, 2010

Internet problems, plus a preoccupation with preparing for the Cruise ships, has been interfering with my blogging lately. I thought I should record William's 3rd birthday party before he turns 4!
As usual, Kim and Chales went to a great deal of trouble to create a day of fun and enjoyment for kids as well as family and friends.
When the guests were about to arrive, there were a few spots of rain, but a verse or two of "Rain, rain, go away" did the trick!
It was a Pirate party. Some of the grown ups looked a lot scarier than the kids!
Digging for buried treasure in the specially built sandpit, shaped like a pirate ship!
And plenty of pirate food.
There was a paddling pool in the shape of a pirate ship, complete with water cannons!
This was the first time many of the guests had met Jasper, just six weeks old.
He was smothered with love, especially by William, who is looking forward to having his own baby brother in July.
All the kids played really well together

And as the afternoon went on they got wetter and wetter

But some hot sausages quickly warmed up anyone who felt cold and wet!

Nothing attracts the kids more than a colourful birthday cake!

And William has decided he is old enough to cut it himself!

Present opening!
When the water bombs came out, the party got a little wild!
Meanwhile the grown ups and older kids were having a wonderful afternoon too!

At the end of a big day, what better than a cuddle with Aunty Rae?


Karen said...

Can't believe how big he's getting. He's always seemed older to me than his age. I think he's going to be tall when he's all grown up.

Anonymous said...

I dont know of any other child who had so many 3rd birthday parties... He is such a social little boy and loves to be in the thick of it. He loved his party at Lollipop Land as well.

Karen M

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