Thursday, December 17, 2009

I thought I would update you on the progress of the two little boys in our life.
It has been just fascinating watching William growing up. He is now 2 years and 8-9 months, has acquired great language skills, and is heaps of fun, with his good nature and sense of humour.
A couple of weeks ago, he had a role to play in a wedding, where his Mum was bridesmaid. We did not actually see him participate, but several ladies have told me it brought tears to their eyes. This was taken when he came to us to be minded after the early part of the reception.

Today he was dressed as Santa Claus, ready to hand out Christmas gifts to his little Daycare friends. Unfortunately, his Santa Cap was far too small for his head, so this Granny rushed to find some red fabric and white fur to make a bigger one - all before breakfast. There is no limit to what I have up in that attic. A piece of red blanket that I found at Waste Management, and some white faux fur that I have been hoarding for at least 30 years both came in handy.

This is the "too small cap."

This is the larger one that I stitched up in a hurry

Meanwhile, the new addition to the family "Mr Shingles" has also been delighting us as we watch his growth and progress. That quiet little bag of bones we brought home nearly three weeks ago is a strong, playful and mischievous bundle. And he is thoroughly domesticated!

We are proud parents, and think he is the most intelligent little kitten ever!

In fact, these two make a great pair!


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They are both darling, I love the last photo the best.

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