Thursday, December 24, 2009

It is something I have wanted to do for years. This year, I decided now was the time. The summer weather was balmy and stable, and I had most of the decorations up. I had quite a store of my crafty creations to put on show.
Kim agreed to help out, bless her.

Invitations went out to come and spend a relaxing afternoon at Devon, with a cuppa or a cool drink and refreshments. I set up a table of some of the things I had been making, in case anyone would like to buy a special gift for someone (which could include themselves.)
On the outside of the chimney, I hung "Joyce's Stocking." It has not had an airing for ages. Some years ago, a gentleman on the island offered the craft people his late wife's needlework supplies, in return for creating something in her memory. This was the result. Nineteen people in total contributed to the making of this giant Crazy Patchwork Christmas stocking.

I decorated our outside self-planted Christmas tree with my little felt wild birds.

I made a few mini-Yule logs and tiny Christmas puddings and choc-coated ginger and packed them into little bags. We had punch and tea/coffee on the table, and various Christmassy nibbles.
About twenty ladies came throughout the afternoon. As you can see, Basil and Mr Shingles enjoyed the party too!

Here are some of the goodies I had put out on the table.

Pretty pussies - from an old Handmade magazine. I really loved making these! Just a peek at some Christmas stockings in front.

"Sugar-frosted" fabric fruits, and little felt "Apple" pincushions.

Bags and cushions

As each lady left, she was invited to take a felt bird from the tree.
William enjoyed helping them to choose one!

It was such a lovely relaxed and friendly afternoon.

Some of us lingered to the early evening, just soaking up the peaceful atmosphere. A husband or two joined us.

Just a few birds remained in the treee. I will have no trouble finding them a good home!

Why not join us next year?


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea and it looks like such a relaxing afternoon. I wish I could have joined you and would have no doubt shopped up a storm! The birds look amazing and I just love the sweet faced cats. Well done Mary. Mandy

Karen said...

Looks wonderful Mary, wish I'd been there.

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