Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look who came into our  lives less than 24 hours ago!

We were out at the Chapel, doing some last minute cleaning before a special service today. Tim, one of the roof slaters came in and said: "I hear you like cats." (indeed I do.)
He took me outside to show me this tiny kitten cowering in the big clump of strelitzia, The boys said that it had been around for a few days. At one stage there had been a mother and 2-3 kittens, but the others seemed to have disappeared, leaving this poor little waif.
I said that I did not really think Bernie would like me to take it home, but they told me Bernie had already given it a name, "Mr Shingles", which is the name of the roofing firm carrying out the job on the Chapel.
Once home, Mr Shingles had to get to know the rest of the family.

 Digby was fascinated and delighted! He is quite fond of one of Charles' cats, but here was one of his very own!!!

I must admit he was not really happy about having Mr Shingles try to suckle him.

Later we introduced him to Roany, who was willing to give him the "once-over", but was not all that interested. One of Charles' cats already follows him round like a shadow, and he does not really want another one!


That evening William came up to stay while his Mum and Dad were at a wedding.
I think the pictures say it all!

Mr Shingles seems to be about 8 weeks old. He seems healthy and his eyes are bright and clear. But it is obvious that he has not suckled for a few days, and his body was like a little bag of bones.
But he has been eating and drinking well here, and I am sure he has already started to fill out.
I lost my beautiful cat Oliver to illness just a few weeks ago. I did not write about it because it was just too painful for me.

Mr Shingles will not take his place - but he will bring some healing.
I could not even have posted this picture (above) of Oliver before this!


Meanwhile I hope it is the start of a beautiful friendship between Digby and Mr Shingles!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, we have tears in our eyes reading about your new little friend. Cats always know when there is a vacancy and find you. How gorgeous that Digby has fallen for him already and is willing to take the place of his Mum and let him snuggle up. Great shots of Liam and Mr Shingles too. The little kitten has fallen on his feet moving in to your loving house. What does Basil think?

Carol said...

Mr Shingles (love the name!) won't ever look back! Sorry to hear about Oliver.

Karen said...

Ah so sweet Mary, I hope Mr. Shingles does well and thrives. I'm sure he will.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about Oliver the new kitten looks lovely, Liam seems to love it, lovely photos.

Karen M

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