Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am a little conservative when it comes to jewellery. I like it to complement what I am wearing rather than look like a part of a suit of armour. Some of the necklaces of recent years look more like oxen yokes and neckbraces to my eyes. When I hang something round my neck, I like it to drape and nestle and follow the contours of my body. I am particularly fond of pendants and strings of beads and semi-precious stones. I do not have a lot of jewellery, and much of what I have has been around for a while

When I was at our local Sunday markets a couple of months, I was passing the stand operated by our local Postmistress/jewellery artist, Deb Simpson, and a lovely necklace caught my eye.

It was a chain with a cluster of hearts hanging from it on chains of varying lengths, pendant style. I immediately thought of a little collection of assorted hearts I had at home, which I had assembled and saved some years ago for someone to make a necklace for me. I had envisaged hanging different hearts at intervals around the chain. The girl who was going to do it for me had left the island before we got around to it.
Now here was the perfect answer! I asked Debbie if she could custom-make me a chain of hearts using my own collection.
When I got home, I realised I had enough hearts for two chains - one in gold and another in silver.
Here is what Debbie has made for me, and I am just so delighted. They are just so "me"!!! But I will have to learn not to fiddle and play with all those wonderful dingle-dangles while I am wearing them. I have a bad habit of treating my necklaces like "worry beads."!

Thank you so much Debbie. I fully intend to pay the favour back as well as forward!!

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Karen said...

These are marvellous, how nice to have found someone to do them up for you.

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