Monday, March 16, 2009


Bernie and cousin Marie in the new Gazebo

It really has been a month of celebrations. As well as Bernie's 8oth, we have had May's 9oth. Last night it was Noelene's 50th, this week there will be Auntie Girlie's 99th, next week is William's 2nd and Joanne's 40th, and the following week we have been invited to Maureen's 70th!!! Bernie's cousins Mildred and Brenda have also celebrated significant birthdays in the last week. Mildred is just one day older than Bern.
Kim and Charles on their first anniversary

In the late afternoon yesterday, we joined Kim and Charles and Marie in the new (still uncompleted) gazebo over the road from Devon. It was Kim and Charles 1st wedding anniversary.
The Gazebo is set in the midst of the wonderful park area that cousin Marie is developing, to be called Queen Victoria Gardens. Some wonderful plantings have been undertaken, including many plants with a "British" flavour and others that are truly Polynesian, like Breadfruit.

William tests out the joinery

The Gazebo is eight sided, and each side will represent one of the families that came to Norfolk Island from Pitcairn Island in 1856.

There will be a bust of the 'Grand Old Lady' placed centrally in the Gazebo, acknowledging what the Pitcairn descendants have always believed - that this island was given to them by Queen Victoria. The bust was imported from England - here is a picture of it in Marie's kitchen.

I will look forward to telling you more about Marie's project later as she plans to have the official opening on May 24th, which was Queen Victoris's birthday!

After the Anniversary drinks, we went on to Bounty Lodge, where Noelene's surprise 50th was to take place. As is usual on Norfolk, it was a wonderful friendly family occasion, with great food and company, and all ages enjoying themselves immensely.

William and Ben have a "ball" on the lawn

Noelene, who thought she was off to join her parents at Seaworld for tea, was very surprised to see all those friends and rellies when they called in to Bounty 'so Peter could attend to an electrical problem for Joanne.'
As usual, more than enough to feed an army, thanks to Joanne and Masalita

Balloons are always a party pleaser

Noelene enjoys a joke with friends

William has a cuddle with Auntie Norma

More fun and laughter in the kitchen

Cutting the cake. I think Peter is rightly feeling pleased with himself over the success of the Surprise party!

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