Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look at what buzzed into Norfolk!

There was the usual line up around the airport perimeter on Monday, as word had got round that two RAAF Hornets would be dropping in for refuelling en route from New Zealand back to Australia.

The excitement began when they first buzzed overhead, with one of the planes diverting to fly over the school, where three hundred children were waiting to see the spectacle.

At last they touched down on the airstrip. Bernie compared it to his memories of the very first aircraft to touch down on this island back on Christmas Day 1942. I must admit it was somewhat spinechilling.

The aircraft are well-named - one almost expects them to have beady little eyes to match the pointy probiscus!. But no doubt they are equipped with sophisticated radar, and everything else they need to perform their appointed task!

After an hour or so, the two manmade insects were on their way again, and we all returned to our daily routine!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. They must have been on a training run. I wonder how far they can actually fly before needing to refuel.

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