Friday, February 27, 2009


This summer has been full of wonderful occasions and gatherings, one of which was the Metcalfe Birthday Barbecue. We were really honoured to be invited to join in on this occasion!

Now the Metcalfes are an old Norfolk family. Great-grandfather came here as a doctor and married an island lady. Only one of their descendants actually lives here now, but the clan still calls Norfolk home. They all gathered her last month to celebrate two special birthdays, and they truly came from far and wide, some of the young ones even coming all the way from England to explore their roots.

On the chosen day, there was a big informal barbecue down at the Lime Kiln. This is where, in the Convict settlement days, lime mortar was produced for the gaols and the officer's quarters.

In the wall behind Waveney, believe it or not, there are stocks (flowers) that are said to have been growing there since the comvict days, seeding themselves each year. Similarly, on the other side of Emily Bay, you can see straggly petunia plants that have been coming up year after year longer than anyone can remember!

Anyway, back to the Birthday bash. First we had some amazing marinated and barbecued prawns with simple fresh bread and butter. Nothing ever tasted so good!
We followed with steak and sausages and the a truly beautiful fresh green salad, with lots of just crisp fresh green beans through it. We were able to take along a big watermelon that Matt had given us.

And finally the cake, celebrating the combined 125 years of Andrew and Wally's birthdays.

Wally and cousin Andrew cut the cake.

The sun was finally sinking into the sea as we all prepared to pack up and go home - feeling totally relaxed and contented!
Waveney, Reg and Bern enjoy the cake

Bernie and Bunty

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Anonymous said...

What great fun you've had in the last couple of weeks, thanks for sharing.

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