Friday, February 20, 2009


I have been reminded that I have let far too long a time pass between postings! I will blame the excessive heat and humidity, which causes lethargy in the body and a mushiness in the brain!! Fortunately we have not had too much mist and fog this time, because that really causes problems with the planes as well as the vegetable gardens. The intermittent rains have kept the island beautifully green, and it is reassuring to have the rainwater tanks kept topped up.
Anyway, the most important event of recent days has been the return of Kim and William from New Zealand.
I was a little worried that after eight weeks, William would not remember us, and he was somewhat overwhelmed at first. But the cheeky grin soon returned.

He was especially pleased to see Roany the dog!

As for me, I have not found the energy to do or think about a great deal. I have continued with some wet-felting, and will show pictures in a later post. The problem is that while the air is so full of moisture, the wet-felting just stays wet day after day!!
I have almost completed my first page for our 2009 Round Robin. This page is for Sue in Victoria. Sue's chosen adjective is 'Arboreal', which inspired
me to have some fun with lace collage.
The lace was hand-dyed, and layered over a blue background. Then I embellished it and embroidered it to portray a lively treetop scene, with all sorts of little creatures. I just wish I could have found a bear, or a possum or even a small monkey to add to the Arboreal community!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos Mary, I love to see our little boy, he is getting so tall although Kim doesnt think so. Keep up the good work with your blog it is the highlight of my week
Karen M

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Mary, glad you updated as I enjoy catching up on your news and craft so much. Can't wait to see it all in person. Love love your latest lace collage-it is stunning. love Mandy Dave and Bronte

Anonymous said...

I love the lace collage it's beautiful. Received the magazine and it's wonderful. I read your article with all the wonderful pictures, my favorite being the one taken of the hallway with all of the beautiful gleaming wood. It had real character to it.

I'll be mailing a parcel out to you some time this week, I'll let you know when.


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