Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankfulness for Family and Friends

On the last Wednesday in November, we all gather at All Saints' Church in the morning to celebrate Thanksgiving, and to give thanks for God's bounteous provision.

William had money to put in the plate - but he thought he would try it out in his pocket first!At the end of the service, as the produce was being gathered, Trigger gave William a carrot.After the service the produce is sold outside.

Lots of people came to our place for lunch. We think there were more than 75 altogether!!

Jamie and Arthur carved the turkey and ham, then we sang Grace.The older kids enjoyed sitting together and tucking into all the gorgeous food.
Mal brought along some stuff for the kids to play with. The hoops had the little ones fascinated.After lunch there were some races - three legged, Sack races and Plum and spoon races. (We had run out of eggs!) The grown ups had to join in too.
But only the kids got the prizes. The water pistols were very popular!Charles tries out the new Jumping Castle.


Anonymous said...

Love your web Mary, get worried when it is not updated each week and ask Kim if all is well. Thanksgiving looks like a lot of fun, hopefully we will make it over one year for it.

Take care
Karen Mason

Anonymous said...

Mary I am in awe of your energy
It all looks wonderful.

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