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I must confess this blog has been a little neglected just lately, as some other priorities have surfaced and occupied my attention. I have been supervising Higher School Certificate exams, but that task ends today, no doubt a sigh of relief for the students. In between I have had a few mornings/afternoons minding William, and for 11 days I was holding the fort while Bernie was in Tahiti.
Another matter that has been the focus of much of my time and emotional resources is that this beautiful little island is once again under threat from those who do not value or respect its unique and special way of life. But I never intended this blog to be a soapbox. If you are interested, please go to my other blog at
Recently my pages from our fabric/mixed media Round Robin finally arrived home. They have travelled to New Zealand, Australia and the United States, and each participant has added their contribution. They are stunning!!!
I chose the theme of "Old Boat", with the inspiration being a photo I bought at the Op Shop.

I asked the participants if they could seek to portray the wonderful colours and textures as much as the theme. I will show you one side of each page.

Carol has used some fabric which she has dyed with rust, and has further enhanced this with metallic glue,ink, paint, stitching and beads. The rope is actually a discarded piece of knitting!! The textures and metallic glow in this piece are amazing.
Irene's page for me also uses rust-dyed fabric, draped with hand-dyed cheesecloth in both greens and browns. The little coins suggest some buried treasure! The bead trails completes a lovely page.

Meanwhile Melissa decided to use a photo she had taken of an old rusty ship at the Wellington wharves. The bottom area is done with a layering of glitzy fabrics and sheers, which you first stitch, and then attack with a heat gun! I am particularly thrilled with the name of the ship, because Lord Nelson had a strong association with the place where my parents grew up, and my uncle actiually lived in his paymaster's house!
Dorothy has used a picture of "Pipey" a well-known fisherman from the North of England. This picture and story actually came with a "Fisherman" teddy that Dorothy's husband bought for her at a Craft Show many years ago. Dorothy has added some painted and heated tyvek, and the seaweed has been created by sewing with metallic thread onto dissolvable plastic. Some paua shell further enhances the effect.
Diana has used a scrap of dockyard fabric that she has been saving for some time, awaiting the right time and inspiration. Isn't it wonderful? Some lines of stitching have emphasised the texture, and some rusty bottle tops along the bottom really complete the effect! Don't you love the little bird that Diana has created from what was a rather abstract blob?

For her background, believe it or not, Jan has used a paper serviette with different kinds of pasta printed on it! Jan has also used some blue wrapping paper that she had screwed up and discarded before deciding it was just right for this project. Some bubble wrap has been tucked underneath to give it a squishy watery feel and sound! Some natural string has been artfully draped around it, and the beautiful albatross is from Jan's collection of "bits and pieces. " We all have collections like that, but I really appreciate Jan's generosity in parting with this one!Now we come to Mary Ann's page. Felt, paint, heavy ornate lace, and gel medium have all been combined to wonderful effect! The picture does not do justice to this page, with its lovely green metallic glow and rich texture! Did you notice the "Feathers" yarn used in the border?Finally Jane's page completes the set - unless I decide to add to it myself! This page represents 'Jetsam', and features a variety of techniques. There is heat-blasted felt, a rust-dyed and painted damask fabric from an Op shop tablecloth, rust-dyed scrim, rusted bottle tops, some tea-dyed cording from a hanging bath sponge, and some glass beads. I can just imagine what fun Jane had playing with all this stuff!

In another posting, I will show you the reverse side of each of these pages.

Meanwhile I am so proud to be a part of this group of very talented, creative and generous girls!

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Wow! Absolutely stunning, wonderful creative ladies for sure.

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