Thursday, February 22, 2007


For some time now, I would have to acknowledge that normal shopping...once a favourite pastime...has lost much of its appeal. It takes real stamina, not to mention funds that are needed elsewhere!

However, there is still one kind of shop to which I am drawn like a magnet, and that is a secondhand shop. It may be an Op Shop, a Junk Shop, an Antique shop, even a Rummage or Garage Sale, but I will be there if the opportunity arises!

I was delighted when I learnt that Linda Chapman was opening "Collectors' Corner" down in the old Smithy's building at the other end of town. Linda operated another secondhand shop here some years ago, before going away with her family to West Australia for a few years. Ever since they came home, I know she has been chomping at the bit to get started again.
The Smithy's building is iconic in itself. Many of us remember it as the old Milk Bar some decades ago, and since then has been occupied by many different businesses, even a church for a time.
Now it is a most delightful place to visit, with several different rooms, nooks and alcoves for the collector to explore at his or her leisure. There is a "Hard Hat" room, with items of special interest for the menfolk, a room devoted to kitchen and culinary items, and areas with childrens' stuff.
Some of the pieces, including some of the furniture, are not actually for sale, as Linda and Richard are not ready to part with them...but they do add to the ambience of the place, and are used for displaying many of the goods that are for sale!

For those who like to linger, free tea and coffee are provided. You are also invited to browse through Linda's wonderful collection of books about antiques. Hopefully, you may just discover that you have something very valuable and desirable at the back of the cupboard at home!

My special interest, of course, is textiles, and I was able to pick up some lovely old handworked doileys and a couple of interesting fabric pieces. I also picked up another really interesting item that I will tell you about in another blog!

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