Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Sienna, together with her brother Teddy, and her Mum and Dad, have been living with us for about 7 weeks, waiting to move into their new abode at Fletcher Christian.
In that time, we have seen her emerge from a baby to a little girl, albeit a mischievous toddler, full of fun.
At 16 months, Sienna is ready to explore the world around her, and that includes the contents of boxes, cupboards and drawers!
But I have been delighted to find her, in the odd quiet moment, examining some of my Crazy patchwork. She sits and runs her fingers along the embroidered seams, twiddles and feels the buttons and beads, and oohs and aahs at the shiny bits and pictures of things she recognises, such as the lacy crinoline lady.
Now, this is just what Crazy patchwork was intended give sensory visual and tactile pleasure, and Sienna is a most appreciative afficionado!!

We often think we would be lost without our eye sight, but can you even began to imagine a world where you cannot touch and feel with your fingertips?

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