Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It has been a busy, somewhat noisy but happy household here at Devon over the holiday period. Lots of people in the house, and lots of visitors young and old. I cannot say it has meant extra work for me, as there have been plenty of helping hands. And as for the interrupted and altered routines...well, we have decided to just "go with the flow!"
What I really hope is that the kids will have very happy memories of this Christmas, of Norfolk Island, and good times at Devon.

Here Teddy, who has just has his face painted to look like Rudolph, is blowing some big bubbles at the Markets.

Emily is protecting her candle from the breeze at Carols by Candlelight.

Sienna and Mitti the dog have developed a close and loving relationship. I think it has something to do with the morsels of food dropped from the high chair!!!

On new Years' Day, cousins Amy and Anna came up for a barbecue, and decided they wanted the first kebabs off the barbecue plate! Teddy and his friends Jackson and Harry were allowed to start demolishing Kim's Gingerbread Cottage!

The kids colour in while the adults finish their meal at the Chinese Restaurant.

As for Teddy, I think he definitely prefers Italian!

It is just great to be around the kids. I love their energy, their enthusiasm, their delight in simple pleasures.

Now we are looking forward to a new grandchild.

Below is Kim, dressed for her friend's wedding. Behind that "bump" is "Little Nibby", due to make his/her appearance in early April.

We suspect that Roany, one of our lovely granddogs, will have his nose out of joint!

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