Sunday, January 14, 2007


Tina took this picture of our 4 sons...well, five if you count Digby the dog.

From left to right we have Edward (Edda) who is nearly 26, John who is 32, Peter (31) and Charles (33). And Digby is six!! We don't often get them all together. I do not know how Tina managed to line them up for this picture..I'm sure I could not have managed it! (Tina has just told me that she said they could not go in and have their dinner until she had got her 'shot.')

Edda went back to Sydney early this morning, after 3 weeks' holiday. It was hard saying goodbye, when we know we may not see him for another year. Miriam returned a couple of weeks ago, but hopes to be back again as soon as April, to see her new niece/nephew!

It has been so great having the boys around during the holiday season. They have been a great help[, providing fruit and vegetables and fish, and helping with the cooking and cleaning up. They have all enjoyed the company of cousin Tina and Brandt and Tedy and Sienna, and of course, they are wonderful uncles to Sarah and Emily. In fact, Charles has just had his nieces up in the Ultralight, flying over Devon.

Over the past three or four weeks, there have often been up to 14 or 15 of us round the dinner table at nights...but who is counting? Tonight, there will be a special treat, as my nephew-in-law Brandt has cooked us a Beef and Guiness pie for tea!

Family are very precious and special.

Here are some of us saying goodbye to Miriam and Rob at the airport. It is really great to have extra females in these family pictures lately. I am usually quite outnumbered by the boys!

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