Sunday, December 10, 2006

The other day, I went in search of a little pig.
Not the real, live variety...we actually have a few of those around.
No, we needed just a little china pig to add to the Nativity crib.
Our crib has been growing over at least three decades.
When we first started it, you could buy beautiful pieces of Lladro porcelain here for as little as $5-$15, and some of the basic figures were bought at this time.
Over the years we have added to the Nativity scene. Some of the pieces we have inherited, one or two probably came from jumble sales, and a couple were received as gifts. Every now and then, there is a new animal that we really feel should be there, and that is why we acquired the Chihuahua and the Dalmatian (both of which we number among the family pets.)
I had set up the Crib on the mantlepiece for this year's Christmas season, and as we sat with a quiet drink admiring it, Bernie asked "Do you think we need another animal?"
We both agreed that it would be lovely to have a little pig there to greet the Christchild.
The next morning, I went looking for a pig. I eventually found a lovely Beswick Tamworth sow. She was magnificent..and so was the price. Perhaps she was a litle too grand and showy, anyway, and would put all the other more subdued creatures in the shade. So I kept looking, but nothing seemed quite the right style or size.
I was about to return to the original store and splurge on this lovely sow, but decided to return home and consult with Bernie first. As it turned out, he had been to the shop just before me, and had bought this dear little piglet. He has such a cheeky and playful expression on his face, and I am certain the Baby Jesus would have been delighted to watch his antics! So I have placed him right in the centre at the front.

The family have been quick to remind me that Jesus was born into a Jewish family, and pork would have been a no-no! But pigs are among the most endearing of God's creatures.

Now that reminds me...there is no cat around the manger. Perhaps next year!

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