Sunday, December 24, 2006


"Devon" is overflowing with family, laughter and chatter, and preparations for tomorrow. Although I must say that I have come to realise that the preparations are just as important as the day itself, because it is all over so quickly. Some years ago I made up my mind to enjoy and treasure those times in the lead up to Christmas, and never to complain about being too busy or hassled. If it is not enjoyable, then it is not worth doing.
I pace myself at Christmastime, and as I buy and wrap gifts, or prepare food, or decorate the house, I find it is helpful and important to focus on why I am doing it, and who I am doing it for.
So far there are nine of us in the house so far. Miriam is home from NZ with friend Rob, and Emily(10). Sarah(12) will come in the new year. Tina and Brandt are here for an extended stay with young Teddy (3 1/2) and Sienna (15 mths).
Ed comes from Sydney today. I have not seen him for 12 months. The other boys are popping in all hours of the day and night, and Kim is enjoying all the family activity too. Next year, she and Charles will have their very own family, with their baby due in April.
We girls are going to decorate the Yule logs today. This is a CB family tradition. I will try to post some pictures later.
The best part of Christmas for me will be the Midnight Service tonight at the Chapel, and the few quiet hours before and after. That is when I sit back, usually in the candlelight, play special Christmas carols, sip on Chocolate peppermint tea, and count my blessings.
I have actually kept the decorations low key this year. But one new addition is this wall hanging that I worked on during the year. It is not my usual style, but I spent many relaxing hours working on the embroidery.
So enjoy your Christmas Eve. Focus on the good things. Enjoy the decorations, the food and the pressies, but remember that people are more important than material things.
And take time out to remember what it is all about........God reaches out to man, sending the Lord Jesus, so that we may know love, hope joy and abundance.

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