Sunday, August 27, 2006


I came across this picture while browsing through some old photos. This is how the visitors saw the island in the earliest days of the island being a tourist destination.
Bernie's cousin Marie devised a way of transporting the larger numbers, converting old lorries in tourist buses. A full or half-day "Island Tour" was, and still is, a "must" for our visitors. Norfolk may only be five miles by three, but is said to have more than 100 miles of driveable roads (I have never really checked that one out...I suspect it might involve travelling each road in both directions!)

It must have been a somewhat bumpy ride, as few roads were tarsealed in those days. Most of them were dirt or mud, with a surface coating of crushed coral in the busier traffic areas.

I might add that Marie is still enterprising and forward-thinking, even though she turns eighty this year!
And believe it or not, the A-model Ford in front is still in service. The remarkably sound and simple 'works' are still kept in tip-top condition by our much-loved garageman Ralph Holloway.
Charles uses the 'bus' to drive the visitors who come to the Pitcairn Settlers' Village. However, it still ocasionally has an outing on the roads, particularly for street parades and other special occasions.

In the picture below, the old girl has been pressed into service to carry the less mobile folk on the 'Bounty Day" march. Cousin Marie and Bernie are standing in front.

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