Sunday, May 07, 2006


You can't beat a good old-fashioned get-together, with young and old and in-between, just enjoying each other's company. That is how it was at the Parish cente last night, at the Tahiti Group's Fish Fry Fundraiser.

Old friends were able to catch up. So good to see Ena back home, seen here chatting to Pumbles. And it is always great having "Christy home on holidays, here chatting to Dot (busy on her next knitting project, which is a shawl for Kim!
The hall looked great with all the colourful hibiscus, and the food was just perfect!
For sweets, there were plenty of island pies.......lemon, coconut and passionfruit, and enormous bread and butter pudding brought by Celia. Plenty of cream, too, of course....Norfolkers love cream!
The music was great,and quite a few got up and had a dance!

The raffle was popular...a lovely shawl knitted by Dot, just perfect for Bounty! And a beautiful crocheted rug, donated by a very generous visitor. Margaret won the rug, and Ken Nobbs won the shawl! But it looks better on young Ebony than it did on Ken. Ebony won one of Dot's shawls at our last Tahiti night.

It was a really beautiful evening, with just a touch of Autumn crispness. But it was warm enough for some of the young families to sit outside while they kept half an eye on the kids playing in the dark.

Aren't we blest to live on such a beautiful, safe and friendly island, enjoying all those good things the Lord provides?

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Sharon said...

I do envey you... My wish since I was a little child was to live on an island.... As I got older it was to live on an island and belong to a close knit community... Now while I don't think that is likely to happen... I also have also had a bit of a thing for Norfolk island...

Reading your blog on a regular basis has whetted my appetite to visit your lovely place and P and I have tenetively thought Sept 2007 sounds just about right...

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