Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It is now eight months since New Orleans was devastated by Cyclone Katrina, and the rebuilding process is in full swing.
Meawhile the quilters of the world have not been idle, particularly those here downunder and in the U.S.
Sharon Boggon, a Canberra quilter, decided to organise a fundraiser to assist Katrina victims. She asked leading quiltmakers in Australia and the U.S. to each contribute a the Crazy Patchwork be made into a quilt to be auctioned. One "space" in the quilt was left vacant, to be filled by selecting a prizewinner from any blocks other quilters would like to submit. All the blocks were to have a New Orleans theme.
The blocks that were eventually submitted were sufficient to make three quilts, and were put together by another wonderful Canberra quilter Annie Whitsed, before being despatched to the United States.
The quilts are now being auctioned on Ebay in the U.S.
I wish I could show you a picture, but "Blogger" is being a bit unco-operative today! But you can see them in all their glorious glitz and colour on Sharon's site:

You may even like to go on Ebay to bid on them!

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