Thursday, April 24, 2014


Just recently we were invited to a beautiful naming ceremony for a very special little baby girl.

This is Grace Peta Summerscales. Her Mum Belinda (Bindi) and Dad Grant (Gotty) welcomed her into their home about 6 weeks ago. Her arrival was a calm and joyful event for two parents who believe in doing things the natural time-tested way!

 I was a little late, and missed most of the formal ceremony, but I was told it was really beautiful.
It was certainly a magical setting, in the Summerscales extensive  garden known as "Strawberry Fields."

 Bindi had prepared a beautiful afternoon tea.
Here are Bindi and Grant along with proud grandmother Shirley and Uncle Alan.
 Grace is going to bring great joy to Bindi and Grant, and they are ensuring she has the very best start in life.

Strawberry Fields is a wonderful setting, where they grow many unusual plants. It is totally natural and organic, and provides much of their food supply. It is all so beautifully cared for.
 Did you ever see a climbing bean trellis like this one!!
 Visitors are always welcome to enjoy a stroll through Strawberry Fields, and there is even a maze!!

As I said - baby Grace is getting the very best start in life, and both Mum and Baby are very relaxed about it all.

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Anonymous said...

She's very sweet :)

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