Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last month my faithful old Pfaff decided to throw a tantrum, so I decided, a little impulsively, that she would be replaced. Because I am rather lacking in imagination, it had to be another Pfaff, and with Charles' help. a new model was ordered from the Craft Depot in Sydney.
 Last Monday "she" arrived, and there was all the excitement of unpacking on the front verandah.

 Nearly there!

Lots of accessories to get familiar with!
 Here she is at last! I have decided to call her Clarice. Why? No idea, but perhaps Clarice Pfaff reminds me of Clarice Cliff, that wonderful porcelain artist, and maybe I am expecting similar levels of creativity. I thought giving here a name would increase the chances of a harmonious working relationship
The first project I tackled was a collage that I have been planning for a while.
Now I confess that for the first hour or two I was comvinced I had bought a "lemon." Clarice was making all sorts of funny noises, and did not behave or conduct herself anything like Old Faithful. But we soon sorted out our differences
This is the collage, although you cannot see much of the actual machine stitching.
I am a little disappointed. My eye is not as straight as it used to be, but perhaps no one will notice the lack of symmetry in some areas.

I am also a little disappointed with the colours. I felt very adventurous producing the picture of "Devon" in the greeny-yellow colours, but it has not quite "gelled." I am, however, happy with the way I have layered the lace pieces, and want to do lots more of this sort of thing. 
One reason is that I seem to have about fifty picture frames (from Op shop and garage sales etc.) that I need to recycle, because they are clogging up the hallway cupboard!
Looking forward to working on lots more projects with Clarice. I have found she does a beautiful even satin stitch, but cannot show you a photo because it is on my Ipad and I could not  get it to open on this PC.


Anonymous said...

She's lovely I'm jealous :)

Paulo Gonçalves said...

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Congratulations for your work!! An interesting and nice blog!!
Good luck with your blog!
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Faye said...

Mary, congratulations on your wonderful purchase... I'm sure you'll have lots of presious times with her. Enjoy!!!

Faye said...

Oh, I love your "DevonHouse" picture. It's lovely...

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