Monday, October 01, 2012


It has taken me a while to get back to the Vanuatu story, and to show you pictures of Charles' and John's visit there, to the island of Tana.

 On one day of their visit, they were taken to the volcano.
 As I understand it, this is the main attraction that visitors to the island get to see. Our boys were fortunate that they got to experience so much more.
 Nevertheless, the trip up to the rim of the volcano was definitely a thrill!!
As you can see, it is definitely a very active volcano!

 There are no signs or safety fences.
 I understand that a couple of years ago, a couple of Japanese tourists were fatally injured by hot rocks being thrown up by the monster. Charles brought some specimens of lava back with him, a great thrill for the little boys.

Vanuatu is a part of the "ring of fire".  In the early 1900's, Bernie's grandparents were working with the Melanesian Mission up there on the island of Ambryn. They told the story of how, after some earthquake activity, a completely new island appeared in the ocean.

 Later it was time to relax again, and get ready for the feast that had been prepared.

Roast Pork!!!!!
Colourful entertainment

And now for something different......
The pictures you are about to see from this point on are not taken in Vanuatu. They are recent photos taken right here on Norfolk Island!
And, believe it or not, they are taken just a few metres from our house, on the other side of our front lawn just inside our woodland!
Yes, Vanuatu has come to Norfolk Island, and right here to Devon! I will tell you more in future postings!

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