Friday, July 06, 2012


Every now and then I like to showcase some of the achievements and works in progress of our Tuesday Craft group. We are all very excited when we can show off a completed or a new project to each other. But some of us are definitely better at completing things than others.
Like Lorraine, who has been working on this wonderful "Aunty Green's Coverlet."

Joanne is a fairly new member of our group, and her chosen medium is mosaics. here a small guitar begins its transformation.

Kiki is also a recent newcomer and at this stage was just toying with some ideas. She has since knitted a wonderful cushion cover and is starting on another...

Agnes is laying out some of the blocks she has made for a new grandson's "Eye Spy" quilt. A few other ladies helped out with suitable fabrics.

Lorraine and Agnes discuss the "arrangement. It is always great to get feedback from the other girls.

Connie is working on a piece of Crazy Patchwork which will eventually become a bag.

Meanwhile here is one I took just a week or two before, and it is Lorraine again, with a recently completed "Snail's Trail." Very cheerful and colourful!

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Karen said...

All of the crafts look pretty amazing, nice that you can get together with such a group of friends.

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