Thursday, June 21, 2012


8th June is a very important day of celebration on Norfolk Island. There are all sorts of activities in the morning down at Kingston, but I do not have pictures of those. 
However at lunchtime we picnic - in a big way.

 Nowadays we have our picnic here at Devon, and more than 55 lovely family and friends came to join us.
And they all brought food - lots of it! It covered 4 large tables and two smaller ones. 

It is always great to have Jamie doing the honours in carving the ham, which was delicious. And I must point out the large silver platter standing behind the food. That was won this year by the Christian family for being the best dressed family. Actually, we al;l agreed they probably got it for being the best breeders!
 Kim and Tina always enjoy catching up!
 The kids enjoy the food as much as anyone, with plenty to choose from.

Fun in the sandpit...
 And the usual ball games on the lawn...

 It was all too much for Teddy...
 It is always good to have Jenni and Peter along to special occasions, and there will be more opportunities now they are able to live on the island for an extended time.

 Even the sweets took up two tables, and those pies and cheesecakes were delicious.

 Cloud the cat came up from Charles' and Kim's place to join in the party. She made the most of several laps, but here she is on Alma's.
 There was fun on the bikes for young and old.

 Everyone agreed that it was a most wonderful day, and the weather was just perfect for us.

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