Wednesday, November 02, 2011


As regular followers of this blog will know, Hallowe'en has been a BIG EVENT at Devon for the past few years. I never encouraged my kids to go trick or treating when they were young, and I was a little disconcerted when Kim and Charles put out the welcome and invitation signs at our cattle stop. But I need not have worried. It was great to have the kids come, and feel welcomed. And each year, Kim and Charles and the helpers from Charles' shed put on a bigger and better entertainment for the kids. One year it was a VERY haunted house, then there was the Haunted Wood. Last year we had the incredible Haunted Maze, which took about a fortnight to erect!!!
This year, however, they decided to have a break, let others do the entertaining, and to take 4 year old William Trick or Treating.....

 Here are the two scary pirates...
 Joined by the Wicked Devil Lady!
 See - this is what we look like...are we scary enough??
 Nate is not into Hallowe'en yet, and it was decided he would stay with us.

 We expected we would still get a lot of callers, and these were the first - and, I am sorry to say, the last. I had stocked up on lots of lollies. but when I started to hand them out, one kid said "Is that all?" and most forgot to say thank you - and some of them had not even bothered to dress up, altho' those who had looked great, as you can see!!! I guess they were a bit nervous too, but I felt a little cheesed off, and Nate was tired and  crying...... Actually, I had had a long tiring day...
So I turned off the lights at the front of the house, drew the curtains and sang Nate peacefully to sleep .
I am sure we will be ready for a better Hallowe'en next year, and William did enjoy his trick or treating (even though he does not really care for lollies.)
Meanwhile Kim and Charles are planning a BIG Christmas light Show for December, and everyone will descend on Devon again, which will be nice.


Anonymous said...

Kim tells me our big brave boy had to be carried as he was scared. You have to love our gentle little man, can't wait to seem them on the 13th and you too of course.
Karen M

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Halloween is the big draw that it used to be. We had eight kids this year and John had to go into the street to flag three of them down as they walked past.

I guess the kids get enough candy the rest of the year they don't go out as much as they used to.

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