Thursday, October 06, 2011


Just this last week, I have found myself apologising to three separate people for things that I have forgotten, overlooked, or been late for because of my absent mindedness. That is the thing about getting older. You may not have the oomph and energy for sins of "commission" (those things I ought not to have done") but the sins of omission start to multiply in a frightening way!
Still, hopefully I am forgiven by those whom I have neglected, and perhaps I can look forward to the time when I am not even aware of my failings, and kid myself I have a pure and clear conscience! But I hope to stay on good terms with all around me!
Meanwhile, I have constant reminders of people's kindness.
Holly, in Western Australia, sent me a lovely package via her daughter Candy, who was here visiting her brother Steve and sister-in-law Sandy.
Now Holly has been an inspiration to me (and thousands of others) long before I met her in person. When we did finally meet, the encounter is one I credit for liberating my creative muse, and daring to try all sorts of new things and techniques.
Holly has been "into" her own version of "scrumbling" in recent years, and here is the bag she sent me.

 Candy tells me that if you sit looking idle for five minutes, Holly will give you some yarn and knitting needles, and you will be ordered to knot a triangle. These are joined together using shadecloth for a backing, and they are then embellished with all sorts of wonderful braids, ribbons, beads, buttons etc.
 Here are some little embroidered felt balls, that lend themselves to all sorts of purposes. It was Holly who first taught me to handfelt, and I really bless her for it.
 A dear little camel, decorative, but also useful as a pincushion. The twisted cords remind me of Holly's late husband John. I have these visions of him producing miles and miles of twisted cords for Holly, using an electric drill and lengths of wool obtained from carpet manufacturers. Greater love hath no man!
 Holly does not waste anything. Old cards provide covers for "letter books" and old calenders and magazines are sewn into useful bags and holders.
 Around the same time, I experienced another example of generosity. From time to time, when I feel like indulging myself, I will pop into a local store that sells table linens from Asia. I may buy a doiley or two that I can "de-construct" to provide embellishments for my bags etc. On this occasion, I found a battenburg lace doiley/traycloth that was marked down because of a fault in the stitching. I said it did not matter because I would be cutting it apart anyway.
As I left the store, the owner, Karina, came running after me with a package. It was a whole tablecloth and six doilies, that were shopsoiled.
 Look at all the lovely battenburg lace I got from it!
 This is a tissue box cover I deconstructed.....
And a placemat, that yielded some lovely curvy shapes.
As you can see, I may not have left this little island for six years, but that has not stopped me adding to my stash faster than I can use it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mary and so creative as well. I love the bag especially all those little bits put together into something wonderful.

Anonymous said...

InteresujÄ…ce. Pozdrawiam.

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