Thursday, March 24, 2011


Val, together with her husband, visits Norfolk Island a couple of times a year, and has recently had her 30 something visit here. The last visit was pretty special, because she celebrated her big 80, and lots of the family, including her sister, came over to join in the celebrations.
Now Val is a very clever lady with her hands, and has worked with a number of crafts over the years. She is also a very generous person, with both her skills, her time, and her resources.
The last two or three times she has been to Norfolk Island, Val has come along to our Tuesday Craft group. We love having visitors - but they don't stay visitors; they are regarded as part-time mebers, and we love to welcome them back on their return visits.
The other day, Bernie came back from the Post Office with two parcels. One was expected - some fabric I had ordered from the U.S. The other one was a bit of a mystery, until I opened it and found a treasure box of lovely things - the sorts of things that needleworkers love to have, to add to the variety of their stash. It took me a ferw minutes to realise who it had come from!

There were laces, braids, ribbons, beads, applique motifs and lots more. I will spend a few more days just running my fingers through it all before I put it away in the appropriate boxes!

Thank you so much Val. The world of needleworkers is such a friendly and sharing community, isn't it!

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