Monday, July 12, 2010


Jasper is now 5 months old, and obviously thriving. He looks so big next to his two day old cousin Nate.

Up until now, Jasper has been more than contented on Mother's milk. But the last few days, he has watched us eating with great interest, and has been keenly following with his eyes as the food goes from our plates to our mouths. He had even begun reaching out his hands, as if to grab some for himself.

Tina and the children came in while we were having a late breakfast the other day, and his eyes lit up when he saw us eating our avocado on toast.

So we decided to try him on some. After all, avocado is the perfect baby food, and mothers in Israel are known to wean their babies onto it.
I thought these pictures of Jasper taking his first food were so delightful, I had to share them with you! They speak for themselves!

You mean I can really have some??

Yes - I like that!

Quick - I need some more!

Tastes pretty good

In fact, I might get it quicker if I feed myself!

Tina says that since then, there has been no stopping him. He was truly ready for solid food, and cereal, bananas, avocadoes and other foods have been eagerly disappearing down his throat.
This morning Tina was called outside while she was feeding him a bowl of mashed banana. When she returned, Jasper had it all over him - he had been trying to feed himself! And he badly needed a bath after that!!

M-mmm-mmmm - this is the life!


Karen said...

LOL, he's so cute, yum yum. I didn't know avocado was good for babies. Learn something new every day.

Devon holiday cottages said...

Oh, Jasper is really cute :) He's such an adorable baby! :) looks like he loves being fed with avocado!lols!

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