Sunday, March 21, 2010

William is pictured here with 'Auntie Girlie", who turned 100 on Thursday. What a great celebration - or rather, a week of celebrations. There had been a family party, an official party at Government House (the guests including 2 other centenarians), a day of tree planting at Rocky Point (100 Norfolk Pines), and special services and celebrations at Girlie's church.
But the big day, the actual birthday on March 18th, there was a big party at Rawson Hall, to which tyhe whole island was invited.
Now the amazing thing is that Girlie is Norfolk Island's sixth centenarian, and the first, almost 40 years ago, was her own mother, Jemima Robinson!!
There had even been a printing of special T-shirts for the occasion, as seen here being worn by one of Girlie's seven children Steve.
Girlie has many descendants, and amazingly, her latest great-great grandson was born on her 100th birthday!!!
Another recent addition is pictured here with her.
Now there was some great homegrown entertainment, mainly provided by her descendants. The screen behind showed a collection of family photos throughout the afternoon.

And there was a whole range of congratulatory messages, from important people like Prime Ministers and the Queen!

Maye Porter, one of many who had made a special visit back to Norfolk Island for the celebrations, presented a list of "G's" to describe Grandma Girlie.

And grandson Michael pinned on a corsage of flowers.

Greg, who is in his 92nd year, sang Grace for us in his fine voice.

There was an incredible amount to eat and drink, and the younger members of the family did a really good job of handing it around.

Then came the time for the cake - an amazing arrangement of tall cream sponges that said '100'.
But there had to be 100 candles too, and these were placed on a special cake, and when they were lit, caused quite a conflagration!
Nevertheless, Grandma had enough puff to blow them out (perhaps with a little help from eager great-grandchildren.)

Hip-hip-hooray for Girlie!!!


Carol said...

What an amazing lady and family! Something that caught my eye was the 'se' on the specially printed tee-shirts. Are the family of Dutch descent?

Karen said...

Marvellous, how wonderful that everyone came out to celebrate in the fun.

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