Saturday, February 13, 2010

The holiday season is a truly wonderful one on Norfolk Island. During those lazy hazy days of summer, we all have a relaxing and refreshing time, enjoying the break from the normal routine. There are lots of get-togethers with friends and family, including those visiting from Australia and New Zealand. The Christian-Bailey household is no exception.
Sarah and Emily, and their Mum Miriam (our daughter) just cannot stay away. Miriam was only able to manage one week, Sarah stayed for two, and then went home to get ready for a trip to Sydney (to have a reunion with another set of cousins over there.) Emily was lucky enough to have three whole weeks on Norfolk Island, and she really made the most of it!
On their very first night, the girls joined with friends riding the horses out to Simon's Water, having a sausage sizzle, and camping for the night.
There were lots of picnics

And other family outings.....
Catching up with cousins....

Enjoying the beautiful sights of NorfolkIsland...
And getting out in the boat..
Even managing a bit of diving....

One of the best parts for the girls was being with their uncles. One time when they were small, they were overheard saying they had "millions" of uncles on Norfolk Island!

It is hard to get an uncle to smile for a photo!

But sometimes you can catch them unawares!
Even in fancy dress!

There are always lots of greetings and farewells at the airport at this time of year

The girls think Christmas on Norfolk Island is pretty cool, and we absolutely love having them.  They plan their own activities and make their own entertainment, and generally enjoy the freedom and friendliness and the laid-back atmosphere.

The "family star" says it all!


Miriam said...

Good variety of pics from a good holiday. Did you have your glasses on when you uploaded the 6th photo down at the Thai Restaurant??

Karen said...

Loved seeing all the family once again Mary. They're all getting big aren't they? The time goes by so quickly.

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