Sunday, May 17, 2009


I do not seem to have written about my creative activities just lately. It is true that life gets pretty busy and committed here sometimes, and it seems that "the faster I go the behinder I get."
However, a couple of weeks ago, my inner woman said that I just had to get to my machine and just churn some stuff out. It is true, I felt better after a few sessions at my faithful old Pfaff.
I had managed to use a percentage of my stash (only a very small percentage, I must confess), I had produced plenty of items for fetes and stalls and gifts, and best of all, I had a renewed sense of achievement.
These bags were mostly inspired by some remnant pices I found at the Op Shop. There were several unusual-shaped pieces in black and white spots. I thought they would team really well with some bright prints, and that is how these cheerful bags came into being. I also made some Christmas stockings in these fabrics, but they still need a bit of hand stitching and embellishment before I display them here!
Little bags

More little bags

And some bigger bags

While I was on the bag theme, a good size piece of upholstery fabric I found in the attic was utilised for some more utilitarian bags.

While the mood was "bright", I mass-produced some big and useful potholders. The wonderful red wool was part of one of a pair of lovely red blankets I scavenged from the Waste Management Centre!

A couple of cheerful fruit prints asked me to use them in some wine bottle carrier bags.

Kitchen handtowels with tops that loop over a rail, are quick to produce and cheerful, too.

Now I have given myself permisson to tackle some of the more fiddly embellished stuff which has become my trademark!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Wow how awesome you are!

what a great lot of bags, lol, suddenly I'm feeling a bit inadequate in the crafting department. Very nice they look wonderful. I think my favorite are the wine bags with the fruit, they look just right for the purpose.

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