Sunday, June 22, 2008


My niece Tina, who manages Fletcher Christian, is one of the most cheerful and positive people you could ever hope to meet. Here she is with her Mum Sally (who is my sister) and her Dad Roy.

Since Tina and Brandt came to live here on Norfolk Island about 18 months ago, they have settled in really well, made many friends, adapted to the island way of life, and enhanced it in many ways.

Last week Tina put a 2-page spread in our compendiums in the units at Fletcher Christian with a lovely list of "Have you ever....." with some wonderful things you can do on Norfolk Island, many of them needing no money ...just some imagination and a willingness to enjoy simple pleasures!
I thought I would share some of them in today's posting, along with some pictures of the island. (many of these pictures were also taken by Tina.)


Taken a Trail ride on horseback?
Snorkelled with the fish in the coral reefs in Slaughter and Emily Bays?

Let the grains of sand stick to your toes?

Watched the cargo ship unload at Cascade or Kingston pier?
Walked around the cemetery to see the history?
Walked through Simon’s Water at Steele’s Point to find the waterfall at the end?
Taken the rainforest walk off Red Road?

Wondered at the big roots of the Moreton Bay figs near Headstone?
Visited the Sunday markets and chatted to the locals?
Driven on every road on the island(there is 170km of road to discover)?
Watched the planes land from the top of Mt. Pitt?
Collected shells and beach glass?
Hugged a pine tree? Walked through 100 Acre Wood?
Fed the feral chooks and ducks?
Eaten fresh cherry guavas off the bushes?

Roamed the historic convict buildings with the geese at Kingston?
Discovered the headstone at Headstone?

Had a cliff top breakfast?
Driven along to Anson Bay to source the Farmers’ stalls?
Found Hollow Pine on the way to Mt. Pitt?
Seen someone plaiting from flax, palm, corn husk or banana bark?
Enjoyed the Kingston buildings lit up at night?
Watched the sun rise and set on the sea?

Found or felt a Norfolk Island Ghost?
Swum to the pontoon at Emily Bay?

Surfed or looked into the rock pools at Slaughter Bay ?

Fallen in love with the Island, the people and their way of life?

If you have never been here - or even if you have - why not try some of these for yourself?

And by the way - do check out Tina's wonderful blog at


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have added this to my Inspiration page

PAULE said...

What a beautiful place ! Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven.

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