Friday, May 23, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures of the project in the previous posting, showing some of the details. I really should try and do this more often, as well as showing progress pictures.
Oh for more hours in the day! (Especially hours when my energy levels are high. I mostly seem to 'get going' in the late afternoon, when all the animals want to be fed, and even the humans start asking "What is for tea?)
The ribbon roses. I am sure they have a name, but I cannot think of it. I just tie a knot in the ribbon to start them, but they can also be started with a french or colonial knot before threading the needle back down the ribbon.
The words of the hymn "I come to the Garden Alone" are rather faint, but are in keeping with the antique misty character of the page. And those who know the hymn will be able to decipher the words!
The tatted flowers at the base. These are made using tatted rings which have a big picot loop between every pair of knots, and I make groups of them close together. This is a variegated thread designed specially for fine tatting - I think it is called 'cordonnet.' You may be able to pick out the loose thread I still need to neaten off!


Anonymous said...

This really is lovely, Dianna is going to be so pleased with it.

Thanks for posting the close-ups especially the one of the base of the cross. I don't tat so its interesting to see how it came out.


crazyQstitcher said...

Mary the roses are Fargo roses and they look lovely.

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