Sunday, February 17, 2008


An enterprising and community-minded group of young people decided to hold a "SUMMERFEST" Beach Carnival during the January holidays, as an event which would not only involve locals, but provide an attraction for our visitors.

As it turned out, summer has almost been cancelled this year, with all the rain and overcast weather, and even a cyclone. Because of this, the Summerfest had to be postponed a number of times.

They were finally able to hold it today - an absolutely glorious day - and it was well worth waiting for!!!

One of the main attractions was to be the Raft Race, and the Christian-Bailey boys and their friends and colleagues have been very busy with not one, but two rafts.

Over in the Joinery, John's offsider Darren and the boys have worked on a catamaran style model , with Charles' shed helping out with some of the materials. The raft served as a tabletop while the work proceeded.
Meanwhile, over at Fletcher Christian, Brandt was working on a raft,using his home brew kegs for flotation. Because of the postponements and delays, Brandt was in danger of becoming a teetotaller while his equipment was being commandeered in this way. Tina came to the party with her artistic skills, and Charles also came to the party with some materials, giving him the right to some "free advertising" for Christian-Bailey Agencies on both rafts!
The Fletcher Christian raft doubles as a playhouse for Teddy and Sienna

There were plenty of people down at the start line in Emily Bay at 4 o'clock this afternoon. None of the rafts looked as if they were built for a high degree of speed or stability, but all the participants were prepared to give it a go, and have a lot of fun in the process.
Tina gives Teddy a parting hug before he sets off on his great adventure- with Dad in tow!

Darren, Joel, Paw-paw Jr and Adrian have some hand-decorated shirts to match the raft

We were not sure who won, as we were at the other end of the beach. Later we found out that Darren and the boys had reached the finish line first, in spite of a few rotten eggs flying betweeen the teams. But the Fletcher Christian raft, while the most elaborate and attractive, was definitely last! It was very low in the water, but miraculously it stayed afloat, while being pushed from behind by Brandt, and "captained" by 4 year old Teddy.
Young William is not sure what all the excitement is about!

Like the Bounty, H.M.S.Fletcher Christian manages to stay afloat on the high seas

Back to the carpark through the cool and shady pines

What a great day, and a real credit to the young organisers. We look forward to an even bigger and better Summerfest next year!

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Karen said...

what a lovely photo of William and Charles. Love seeing photos of William when you post them as Kim is a bit slack at sending them.
Regard Karen

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