Friday, November 02, 2007


Our local island pre-school and playcentre was founded over 35 years ago, and was an initiative of the "Wives and Mothers' Club." Initially held in community halls, the playcentre eventually moved into its own premises, known as "Banyan Park". This was built 30 years ago, after years of fundraising by these busy and enterprising Mums, who wished to provide a valuable learning and socialising experience for their pre-schoolers.

Today Banyan Park continues to thrive, with very high standards, and excellent staff. Although they charge a modest fee, a new generation of Mums (and Dads) still continue to work hard to raise the funds to maintain the centre and its infrastructure, and provide equipment. Tina is on the Committeee, and was largely responsible for the organisation of Wednesday's Halloween Bazaar.

The idea was that you handed over a small fee, grabbed a table, and set up your own stall, selling whatever you wanted. Most people opted to take the opportunity to clear out cupboards and have mini-Jumble sales. There was a wealth of good secondhand baby equipment and clothes.

Tina and I joined forces to sell some crafty items. Tina had some mini-paintings, handpainted Kindy aprons, and lovely flower clips, while I made a special effort to finish off some handmade Christmas stockings that I have had "on the go" for some time.

There was a raffle and a sausage sizzle to add to the fundraising, and Louise provided $1 a minute massages. She was certainly kept busy!

Our local radio station, which really deserves the title of Community Radio, came down to the hall and broadcast from there for the three hours the Bazaar was on, providing lively music, and generating enthusiasm by interviewing stallholders and kids.
George and Brent from VL2NI

At 6:30 it was time for the Halloween parade, and all those little ones - and a few bigger ones too -who had come in costume lined up on the stage.
Everyone earned a prize for joining in the fun!

It was a great event, and a good start to the Trick-or-treating that proceeded round the island for the rest of the evening!!

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