Friday, October 12, 2007


I wanted to show some more pictures of our A&H Show.

It is always amazing to go into the Hall of Exhibits and see the amazing range of skills, talent, creativity and productivity that comes from this little community! And then there are always the people who are willing to "have a go", not necesarily to compete and win, but just to help add to the wonderful colourful displays.

The section for "The biggest lantana stump"...there is something for everyone!

We usually race around and find a few flowers and hibiscus on the morning of the Show, to help fill the tables. This year Fletcher Christian actually "scooped the pool" with the prizes in this area. In fact, Tina and her clan entered so much they actually won 19 prizes!

The children are always encouraged to participate, in the adult sections as well as the school section..we are always hoping to instil the spirit of "having a go!"

The Kelly family enter their cooking exhibits

Some of Tina's Art work

This bunch of bananas came complete with bird's nest!

We really must show you Bronte's entry. Mandy and Dave had bought some carrots, and were most amused to see the twisted shapes. On the mainland, people have forgotten that they often grow like this, because the supermarkets are full of straight and uniform carrots. One looked just like a pair of legs, and I suggested Bronte might like to make a vegetable model for the Show. Then a few days later, James "Speed" Partridge gave us a bag of freshly-pulled carrots from his garden, and there was the perfect "Male" model. Yes, I know it is a little rude, but it did cause plenty of laughs - and it won first prize!!!

Bronte's "Adam and Eve"

There is always plenty going on around the Showground outside too

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