Saturday, April 14, 2007

FAMILY, FOOD AND FUN Tina, Muriel, Helen and Roy

We seem to have a lot of family on the island at the moment, so what better excuse for a Fish Fry and get-together at Devon? We ended up having 20 of us here at Devon last night, right down to young William, just on the verge of celebrating his 3 weeks birthday!
My sister Sally and Roy (Tina's Mum and Dad) had arrived from Sydney that day, along with grandson 10 year old Nic...and Teddy and Sienna were extremely excited to see their Granny, Poppa and cousin. Bernie's cousin Muriel and George are here for a couple of weeks, staying with Bernie's brother Len and Helen, and they all came along. Then there were Karen and John, Kim's parents, who have come over for a fortnight to get to know their first grandchild William. And as usual, all the animals from Devon and Devonside, as well as Peter's dog were there you can add 3 dogs and 3 cats to the number of guests!
Nic asnd Sally

John cooked the fish.....trumpeter and red snapper..... some of which he had caught last weekend. The rest had been generously given to Tina and Brandt by Fletcher Christian guests at who had been out on tourist fishing trips. There were loads of salads and island dishes, including pilhi made with plun (bananas) grown by Charles over at the Pitcairn Settlers' Village. The we finished off with porpay (cherry guavas) gathered and chopped by Tina and Sally, watermelon (grown by Peter) and rockmelon (from Len's garden.)
For some, it was the first time they had seen the newest member of the family, so there were plenty of cuddles...and more gift unwrapping! Not to be outdone, Basil and Digby demanded their share of the laps.
Karen and Basil enjoy a cuddle, Roy and Len share a joke, and Muriel and George relax aftyer licking the platter clean!

John Mason catches up on the footie scores, Sienna is the life of the party as always, and William (in his All Blacks cap and mittens)enjoys his dinner from Mum.

Don't we have a lot to be thankful for?

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