Sunday, November 19, 2006

At this time of year, one realises that it is time to do a little bit of "forward thinking" for the Christmas season. This is especially important for us here at Devon, because we are looking forward to having at least nine extra people staying in the house during Christmas week, and that is without counting those in Devon Cottage and Devonside. It is going to be such a happy and busy time, with lots of little ones and young people giving us a real boost with their energy and creative enthusiasm.
But it means that I must really get stuck into the creative side of the preparations NOW!
I have made a start with a "batch" of little bags or pouches.

These tiny bags are from a pattern in "Omiyage", a lovely book of ideas for trinkets in fabric, Japanese style.

The pattern for these is just so just start out with two large triangles of fabric in contrasting colours and sew them back to back. You then fold back each corner, and sew a line of stitching about 1 cm from the folds...this will be the channel for a cord later. You then fold each side from the middle and sew...these form the sides of the bag. Then you thread cord through, and voila, a little bag that looks like a little flower.

Mind you, it will not hold very much. But with a pretty handkerchief tucked inside, or perhaps 3 or 4 wrapped choccies, or even a necklace or bracelet, they will make lovely little gifts at Christmastime.

Now I am off to think about starting a ginger beer plant, and gathering together Christmas pudding ingredients. Oh yes.....I mustn't forget that batch of fabric patchwork Christmas stockings that did not quite get finished last year!!

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Anonymous said...


These look just gorgeous, what a super gift.

Best wishes

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